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A Look Back: Behind the Scenes of the Re-imagined “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Park « Disney Parks Blog


A Look Back: Behind the Scenes of the Re-imagined “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Park « Disney Parks Blog.


This is a great behind the scenes look at the refurbishment of Small World 5 years ago.

DbM Interludes | Disney by Mark’s Video Interludes


DbM Interludes | Disney by Mark’s Video Interludes.

This is one of my favorite Disney websites, especially during work. You would need a second monitor of course but having these going takes a little of the stress of the day away. Almost like being there!



Disneyland Photos – 1968


These next Disneyland photos are from a trip in the summer of 1968 (I am pretty sure).  The first one is in Tomorrowland and I love how you can see the Peoplemover cars with their tops up, ready to load another group of lucky people. I sure wish they would bring this back but according to Tony Baxter (he was at the PNW Mouse Meet last year and this was one of the first questions asked!) this is NOT going to happen. It is too bad, this is one of my favorites at Disney World and seems to be very popular there.


The second photo was taken in New Orleans Square in front of the Le Gourmet shop.  Of course this was summer so it was pretty busy. I found a 1968 Guidebook of Disneyland that is really wonderful. It is fun to see the shops and rides that were open then. (Edit: I was watching a Disneyland Walk Through today and saw this building. Today it is “Le Bat En Rouge“, a shop filled with Jack Skellington, Pirate and Villain merchandise. The date on the walk through is June 2013.

New Orleans Square

The third photo is of the wonderful topiary in from of It’s a Small World. They seem much more detailed today but I like these too.

PICT0001So far the photos I have been posting are from my family but I also have some from trips that Kevin’s family took. Most of these are a little later (early 1970 – 1980’s) and I will be scanning those soon.  My Grandmother lived in Arcadia, CA and we visited her almost every summer and went to Disneyland one day during those trips. I understand that my Grandfather was very excited about Disneyland opening and being able to take us. I must have gotten my love of Disney from him! I am hoping to find pictures of him at Disneyland but so far I haven’t.


Tomorrowland – Between 1967 and 1969


I have a few old Disneyland photos that I want to post. Most were taken pre-1969 and most are pretty darn blurry so I am going to try to fix them a little

This one is a really great shot of Tomorrowland and I am guessing by our ages in other photos that this was the summer of 1969.

I am going to finish up my report on the PNW Mouse Meet later today so stay tuned!  I hope everyone has a nice 4th of July!!