The Treatment Starts


I started treatment this Monday, this is my third day. I am doing both Chemo pills and radiation at the same time. This will continue for 7 weeks (!!) and then I will get a month off to recoup. After that, I will start the chemo for a week (Monday through Friday) and then get 3 weeks off before starting again and this will go on for 6 months. Yikes. The treatment that is for 6 months will be a double dose of the chemo drug I am taking now so the side effects will be worse. Knock on wood, so far all I have had is nausea but it takes about a week to start seeing any so I’m not out of the woods side effect-wise but I also may be one of those people who breeze right through it!! That’s what we are all hoping for. The nausea was worse yesterday but I think it will be a matter of finding the foods I can eat and to have very small meals. It is a process.

The radiation facility that I am going to is in the Harrison Hospital in Bremerton and it is just beautiful. So serene and the people there are all so caring and kind. I could not have asked for a better place to be doing this.

The room that I go to for the treatment is your basic room I guess, until you lay on the table. Above you is the most wonderful night sky with clouds and twinkling stars!! I want one over my bed at home!! It is very relaxing.

What is not so relaxing is the face mask they made to keep my head still. It was a flat mesh with a frame around the outside with screws (to hold t to the table). They soaked it in hot water to soften it and then pressed it over my face and down to the table to secure it. The technicians did a great job of molding it so it does its job but is comfortable too.  And it is comfortable. The problem is that I am claustrophobic and this mask is right on my face and screwed down so I don’t move. I asked if there was some way I could get their attention in case I start feeling sick or have something else happen. They were really nice about it and explained that they had cameras on me and all I had to do was wave my hand and they would shut off the machine and get to me. That was all I needed, was a way out, and I was fine. The treatment doesn’t take too long, maybe 5-10 minutes so not bad at all.

I am also doing chemo treatment with pills at the same time. So far I have had a lot of nausea from about noon to 4pm, so again, not too bad. Today I am trying to eat very small meals and very bland food and I think it is helping. I started with some soda crackers then about 20 minutes later I had some applesauce. After 20 minutes more I made a half peanut butter sandwich (without jelly of course). So far, so good. I am feeling a little bit nauseous but not too bad. The other thing I am doing is wearing sea bands full time and that might be helping too.

So that is what I have gone through so far. I have heard of people who feel much worse than I do so I am lucky. I’ll keep you updated on this but I hope to also get back to my usual. I am thinking of re-designing my blog and actually branch out and have pages for topics. I will have to get the dummies book out and see how it is done but if I can figure it out then people can choose what they want to read instead of this being all over the place.  My mind tends to be all over the place so it didn’t occur to me until a couple of days ago that it might be better to be a bit more organized.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and thanks for reading this!!



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