Some quick photos


I am having surgery today to remove a mass in my brain and I thought I would post some photos I have been meaning to get up up but have not found the time. This surgery came on very fast and has made me realize that there is no time like the present to do things.

I realize now that I need to prioritize my life better. In the weeks to come I will take about my recovery from this but for now, here are some photos


This is the yarn I am making from the rolags from a prevous post


A new sock. I am actally farther along on this week. I am really pleased with them!


My owl mitts. I have the eyes on now but dont have a picture and being in the hospital, I can't get one. I will when I get out.


Have to get a Chihuahua picture in of course! !!

That’s it I guess . I was going through my pictures and found some that I thought I hadn’t shared so there they are. It’s 3am and want sleeping. I am doing this on my phone so I hope it is going to look OK.



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