Kevin’s New Truck


Wow, I have really been neglecting my blog lately. No excuses, just very busy. So, what has been going on in my life? Well…

The other day when I was making the payment on the truck it occurred to me that I have never blogged about it, especially when I blogged about Kevin’s old truck before.

We were going on a cruise in November (it was a splurge for our 40th anniversary) but because of an emergency in April, we had to cancel.  So, we thought that maybe we would run down to Disneyland and have our anniversary trip there (anything so long as it is Disney!!) Well, we were 2 weeks away from the trip when I get a call from Kevin saying he is broken down and has called for AAA. This is the same truck in this blog     so I always dread getting these calls. It took AAA 3 hours to come get him and we had it towed to Midas. The Midas here in town is the only place we have found that actually still knows how to work on old trucks (this is a 1977 chevy). The Next day we got the bad news, the engine was gone, things that should be moving in there just weren’t. This is the news we didn’t want to hear. There comes a time when you just can’t put any more money into an old truck, no matter how good a truck it has been.  My whole family has used this old truck for years and it had given very good service for many good years.

So…what to do. I have to point out here that the last car we had payments on was a brand new 1974 Datsun truck that we got about a year after we got married, mostly because Kevin was going into the Air Force and I wanted a car that was reliable. This was not the truck, it was NOT reliable at all and I had it in the shop a lot. But that was the last car we made payments on. Since then, we have paid cash and bought cars we could afford even thought they were not very new. We knew this time that maybe it would be good to buy a newer truck that might last into our retirement (10 years, so it might be pushing it a little…). I gave Kevin a budget to stay under and everyone started looking online for the perfect truck. I had a few things I wanted, the most important that it have less than 40,000 miles A few days later, Kevin called from work and said he had found the truck. I could tell from his voice that he was in love…

The ad he sent was a gorgeous truck, a blue crew cab with 4 wheel drive and ALL the bells and whistles. I called him right back and told him that it was certainly a beautiful truck but it was considerably above the budget I had given him and the payments would be too high. By this time he had already called and told them we would be there the next day, asked questions about it and was told that it would be no problem to keep the payment at what I wanted….I could see that this was a done deal before he even climbed in.

On Saturday we all climbed in Max’s truck and went over to see it. And it was beautiful and it was WAY more than any car we have ever had. It had bells and whistles that we didn’t know cars even had these days. And it was comfortable. And it drove beautifully (it is a 2010 and had been taken very good care of by the former owner) It had not been smoked in (cigarette smoke is one of the things that gets my asthma going). And did I mention the stereo? That’s what sold me. This thing has a stereo system that is just amazing. The sound wraps around you and seeps into your soul. And this was just with the radio playing (it is way better with the MP3 player plugged in). It also has a “sync system” that not only plays the radio and MP3 player by talking to the car, Kevin can sync his phone with it and so is completely hands free. We didn’t know cars did this but we drive old cars.

So, we have a new truck. The first thing we did after buying it (which was a whole new level of scary) we drove it up to my sister’s house so everybody could see it and we all went for a ride. My Mom loved it (she is 99 years old) and wanted to drive it herself!   And we made them close all the doors so we could play them the stereo. Not sure they were as impressed as we are with it but they were amazed that the car talked to Kevin. Once a week it (actually “she”, you can choose between a woman’s voice or a man’s) asks if he wants it to e-mail him a car report….

I don’t get to ride in it much and I have yet to drive it but Kevin is truly in love. Almost every time he gets out of it he says “isn’t it a beautiful truck? And that is worth the many many years of payments to come!It is a really big truck and I am use to driving my small flat 92 Camaro. I moved it across the drive way because Jen was coming over and I had to sit on the front edge of the seat so I could reach the pedals and I could barely see over the hood. It does have adjustments for the seat and the pedals move out towards you but I didn’t want to change Kevin’s setting for a 50 trip. I probably should drive it sometime.

So that’s it. Oh, the old truck? Kevin gave it to a guy at work and he is going to fix it so he has an old truck to haul things in. I was glad we didn’t have to just haul it to the car dump.

Here is a picture:

Isn't it beautiful?!

Isn’t it beautiful?!

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