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Oopsie Bread Recipe –


Oopsie Bread Recipe – – 497736.

I made these tonight to go with a nice hot pot of soup.  Before you try them out, let me say that you should read the directions over before starting and make a note of the ACTUAL cooking temperature…if you are in the US,A, you should really use the SECOND temperature.  I think they would have been better if I had cooked them at 300 degrees instead of the 150 degrees that I read because I was trying to make them quickly.  The taste is very good but I think they would have puffed up more if I had cooked them at 300.

I am going to try it again this weekend and will take a photo then. We have been looking for both carb-free and/or gluten free bread recipes and I think this one will fit the bill. There are a lot of different ways to use this recipe (I googled “oopsie bread” )