Art…or “What Happened to the Dream”


This blog started off being just snippets of my life, my knitting, my spinning and maybe even blogs when we finished a project in what has to be the longest remodel EVER!  As the months have past by, I find I am spending a lot less time on all of those wonderful things and much more time spent bent over my keyboard working….  Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work from home but it does tend to take over my whole day.

As an example: I have a very strong wish to be able to do art more often and do a little every day. How hard can that be, right? A little work on an art journal page, an ATC (Artist Trading Card)…anything that would be artistic on a daily basis. Soooooo, I gathered a lot of small art supplies together in a box. The box overflowed to a larger box to the point where I finally bought one of those plastic 3 drawer units with wheels, thinking that I could just pull it up to my desk and it would all be nice and tidy. This worked once. Just once. Apparently these units have a weight limit and I had packed mine WAY too full and promptly broke off one of the wheels……. So not much art has been done. Did I mention that this drawer unit is sitting right next to my spinning wheel? Yes, well it is getting about as much use as the rolling art kit. The various knitting projects are piled on top off my rolling cart that I keep files in for work. I look at them in the morning as I clear it off and again at night as I pile everything back on at the end of my work day (I work 9-10 hours a day).

I haven’t figured out a way to work in a little creative time yet. The simple thing would be to get up earlier in the morning but while it always seems like the perfect answer at night, it never seems like a good idea in the morning.  And of course there is the stupid practical jobs like cleaning or working in the yard. I always feel like I SHOULD do those first but rarely do them at all.

I admire other people whose blogs I read at night (we are talking 1am here, not in the evening when I could be doing art or cleaning) I’m sure there are other blogs that are saying the same thing I am but the blogs I read are about totally together folks who can somehow find the time to do everything and always have time to do art or knit a sweater in 3 days. They say they also work full time… so there must be a way.

I did manage to dye some wool. I bought this wool on eBay (it is 10 pounds!) and the ad said:

Organically processed New Zealand wool, from Romney sheep, cleaned and carded. Approximately ten pound bags. We will box and ship to 48 States for a flat $10.00 per ten pound bag fee. $45.00

I was very excited to be getting so much wool for not very much money. I guess you get what you pay for because when it came it was more like polyester batting than nice clean wool. It is very clean but almost impossible to spin. It is possible that if I had a drum carder, I might be able to make it into something that can be spun but they are expensive so I don’t think I will go that route. I did find that it felts almost immediately and while it will take some time to go through that much, I think most will be used for felting. I had some jars of mixed Jacquard acid dyes from doing some hand painted yarns and so I took each one, poured it in the crock pot and added some extra water. Each color came out really well and I am going to make some beads first. I made one out of the purple batch (I know it looks blue in the photo but it really is dark purple).  The reason I did it in the crock pot is because I was working and I can just walk away from it and go check in a few hours. I understand that crock pots are used for cooking food and that people actually cook dinner in them…these people must not have any good take-out options….I use mine for dyeing!!

This really is purple, not sure why it looks blue. I am the felted bead.

This really is purple, not sure why it looks blue. I am the felted bead.

Well, this got pretty wordy so I’ll sign off for now.









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