Smooth Jazz Concert at Ste Michelle Winery – 07/27/13


Tomorrow we are going to a Smooth Jazz concert at Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. We are really excited!!

We have gone to smooth jazz concerts here before, about 10 years worth before the radio station KWJZ) that held them decided to stop playing smooth jazz and start playing ….lets see, this is a family friendly blog so I will say “music we don’t like”. It was huge disappointment for them to start playing “music we don’t like” but there is the internet and cds so we got through.  Also, one of the people in charge at KWJZ started a wonderful website called Smooth in Seattle that streams music and also provides news and updates of the artists we have grown to love.  Last year Smooth in Seattle brought back the concerts and held them at Clearwater Casino, which is much closer to us. The venue is really wonderful and there are still tickets available for this concert here. We were going to go again this year but then someone decided to get married that day and didn’t consult with us…  We are happy to be going to the wedding of course but sad to not be going to ANY jazz concert this year.

A few weeks ago, I heard they were having a jazz concert, this time being hosted by Ste Michelle Winery so I jumped online and got us tickets. Yay!! So tomorrow we will be packing up our chairs, picnic and sun hats and heading out to Woodinville again! It is a long trip but so worth it. There are tickets available for this too is you are in the area, click here. There is a really great lineup for this: Sax and the City, Peter White, David Benoit, David Pack, and BWB

This is a list of artists and their websites (from the Ste Michelle website):

Marian Meadows:

Vincent Ingala:

Peter White:

David Benoit:

David Pack:

Rick Braun:

Kirk Whalum:

Norman Brown:

I’ll try to post photos tomorrow (not of the performances, that is not allowed) but of the grounds and crowds. These are always so much fun and everyone has a great time. If you want to see them you could follow me on Twitter, see the link on the right.



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