Favorite Podcasts This Week


I love podcasts! I work at home so I have the perfect opportunity to be able to listen to quiet a few each week. I thought maybe some people might be interested in some of my favorites and maybe they will become your favorites too! If you find you like these, you can go back and listen to all the older shows too.

Inside the Magic

This is the one I always listen to first on Monday. Aside from a really great podcast, Ricky Brigante also has a fantastic website with articles, photos and videos. The podcast deals mostly with Disney but he also talks about Universal Orlando.  He often has guests on his show too. Really great podcast.

WDW Radio

Most people who love Disney have probably heard of Lou Mongello. If not then this will be a good introduction to his podcast and all that he does. He also has a website with tons of information about Disney and forums so you can talk to other Disney geeks!

Once – Once Upon a Time

There are a lot of podcasts that talk about each show of Once Upon a Time (and I listen to most of them)  but I like this one the best. They have forums on their website so fans can chat about the show and their theories about what will happen. They did a show this week but usually they only do shows when Once Upon a Time is playing the first run shows.


This podcast is about the Harry Potter books. They started a little over a year ago with the first book and discuss a few chapters during each podcast (they just started on Goblet of Fire).  Even though I have read all the books (and watched all the movies more times than I can count) it is really interesting to hear other peoples take on them. This has really been interesting. Their website, Mugglenet.com, has been active for much longer than the podcast and has forums and news about all things Harry Potter (including fan fiction…don’t get me started, I love most of it)

The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast

I just started listening to this one (today I listened to the show about Carsland) and I really like it. They are very professional.

Well, there are 5 to get you going. If you have never listened to a podcast, you are in for a treat. And if you don’t like ones about Disney, there is a podcast for anything you might be interested in; just Google the topic and the word “podcast”. Some are certainly better than others but I’m sure you can find something that is interesting.



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