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Art…or “What Happened to the Dream”


This blog started off being just snippets of my life, my knitting, my spinning and maybe even blogs when we finished a project in what has to be the longest remodel EVER!  As the months have past by, I find I am spending a lot less time on all of those wonderful things and much more time spent bent over my keyboard working….  Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work from home but it does tend to take over my whole day.

As an example: I have a very strong wish to be able to do art more often and do a little every day. How hard can that be, right? A little work on an art journal page, an ATC (Artist Trading Card)…anything that would be artistic on a daily basis. Soooooo, I gathered a lot of small art supplies together in a box. The box overflowed to a larger box to the point where I finally bought one of those plastic 3 drawer units with wheels, thinking that I could just pull it up to my desk and it would all be nice and tidy. This worked once. Just once. Apparently these units have a weight limit and I had packed mine WAY too full and promptly broke off one of the wheels……. So not much art has been done. Did I mention that this drawer unit is sitting right next to my spinning wheel? Yes, well it is getting about as much use as the rolling art kit. The various knitting projects are piled on top off my rolling cart that I keep files in for work. I look at them in the morning as I clear it off and again at night as I pile everything back on at the end of my work day (I work 9-10 hours a day).

I haven’t figured out a way to work in a little creative time yet. The simple thing would be to get up earlier in the morning but while it always seems like the perfect answer at night, it never seems like a good idea in the morning.  And of course there is the stupid practical jobs like cleaning or working in the yard. I always feel like I SHOULD do those first but rarely do them at all.

I admire other people whose blogs I read at night (we are talking 1am here, not in the evening when I could be doing art or cleaning) I’m sure there are other blogs that are saying the same thing I am but the blogs I read are about totally together folks who can somehow find the time to do everything and always have time to do art or knit a sweater in 3 days. They say they also work full time… so there must be a way.

I did manage to dye some wool. I bought this wool on eBay (it is 10 pounds!) and the ad said:

Organically processed New Zealand wool, from Romney sheep, cleaned and carded. Approximately ten pound bags. We will box and ship to 48 States for a flat $10.00 per ten pound bag fee. $45.00

I was very excited to be getting so much wool for not very much money. I guess you get what you pay for because when it came it was more like polyester batting than nice clean wool. It is very clean but almost impossible to spin. It is possible that if I had a drum carder, I might be able to make it into something that can be spun but they are expensive so I don’t think I will go that route. I did find that it felts almost immediately and while it will take some time to go through that much, I think most will be used for felting. I had some jars of mixed Jacquard acid dyes from doing some hand painted yarns and so I took each one, poured it in the crock pot and added some extra water. Each color came out really well and I am going to make some beads first. I made one out of the purple batch (I know it looks blue in the photo but it really is dark purple).  The reason I did it in the crock pot is because I was working and I can just walk away from it and go check in a few hours. I understand that crock pots are used for cooking food and that people actually cook dinner in them…these people must not have any good take-out options….I use mine for dyeing!!

This really is purple, not sure why it looks blue. I am the felted bead.

This really is purple, not sure why it looks blue. I am the felted bead.

Well, this got pretty wordy so I’ll sign off for now.









New Official Music Albums Releasing at Disney Parks on August 20, 2013 « Disney Parks Blog


New Official Music Albums Releasing at Disney Parks on August 20, 2013 « Disney Parks Blog.

One of the things I love most about the Disney Parks is the music. We often just sit on a bench and listen to the beautiful music in each area. I am thrilled they are coming out with new CDs, it seems like it has been a long time.  Plus, they will be available as downloads too, through the Disney Music Store (the link for this is in the article)



DbM Interludes | DbM Interludes is a series of videos intended to relax the viewer with beautiful scenes from Disney’s Parks and Resorts


DbM Interludes | DbM Interludes is a series of videos intended to relax the viewer with beautiful scenes from Disney’s Parks and Resorts.

This is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a few minutes at your computer! You may find yourself spending MORE than just a few minutes so be warned. On the surface it seems like a simple thing and maybe to those who are not a huge fan of Disney, this will be totally boring. For Disney fans, we have all sat a bench in the parks and just soaked in the sounds and ambiance of it all. These videos are for you. I often have them going on my second screen at work {I work from home so this might not work if you are in an office and your co-worked don’t enjoy the constant rush of water :O) }

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I found the link to these on the “Disney by Mark” website



Smooth Jazz Concert at Ste Michelle Winery – 07/27/13


Tomorrow we are going to a Smooth Jazz concert at Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. We are really excited!!

We have gone to smooth jazz concerts here before, about 10 years worth before the radio station KWJZ) that held them decided to stop playing smooth jazz and start playing ….lets see, this is a family friendly blog so I will say “music we don’t like”. It was huge disappointment for them to start playing “music we don’t like” but there is the internet and cds so we got through.  Also, one of the people in charge at KWJZ started a wonderful website called Smooth in Seattle that streams music and also provides news and updates of the artists we have grown to love.  Last year Smooth in Seattle brought back the concerts and held them at Clearwater Casino, which is much closer to us. The venue is really wonderful and there are still tickets available for this concert here. We were going to go again this year but then someone decided to get married that day and didn’t consult with us…  We are happy to be going to the wedding of course but sad to not be going to ANY jazz concert this year.

A few weeks ago, I heard they were having a jazz concert, this time being hosted by Ste Michelle Winery so I jumped online and got us tickets. Yay!! So tomorrow we will be packing up our chairs, picnic and sun hats and heading out to Woodinville again! It is a long trip but so worth it. There are tickets available for this too is you are in the area, click here. There is a really great lineup for this: Sax and the City, Peter White, David Benoit, David Pack, and BWB

This is a list of artists and their websites (from the Ste Michelle website):

Marian Meadows:

Vincent Ingala:

Peter White:

David Benoit:

David Pack:

Rick Braun:

Kirk Whalum:

Norman Brown:

I’ll try to post photos tomorrow (not of the performances, that is not allowed) but of the grounds and crowds. These are always so much fun and everyone has a great time. If you want to see them you could follow me on Twitter, see the link on the right.


Disney California Adventure to Debut ‘World of Color – Winter Dreams’ | Disney by Mark – Your Independent Disney News Source


This looks like an amazing addition to an already fabulous show. I wish it was going to start earlier, we are going to be there the last week in October. I guess it doesn’t really go with Halloween and all. :O)


Disney California Adventure to Debut ‘World of Color – Winter Dreams’ | Disney by Mark – Your Independent Disney News Source.

House of the Whispering Willows Gallery in Epcot’s China Pavilion | Disney by Mark – Your Independent Disney News Source


House of the Whispering Willows Gallery in Epcot’s China Pavilion | Disney by Mark – Your Independent Disney News Source.

This is a wonderful article about the China Pavilion in the World Showcase.

Disneyland Photos – 1968


These next Disneyland photos are from a trip in the summer of 1968 (I am pretty sure).  The first one is in Tomorrowland and I love how you can see the Peoplemover cars with their tops up, ready to load another group of lucky people. I sure wish they would bring this back but according to Tony Baxter (he was at the PNW Mouse Meet last year and this was one of the first questions asked!) this is NOT going to happen. It is too bad, this is one of my favorites at Disney World and seems to be very popular there.


The second photo was taken in New Orleans Square in front of the Le Gourmet shop.  Of course this was summer so it was pretty busy. I found a 1968 Guidebook of Disneyland that is really wonderful. It is fun to see the shops and rides that were open then. (Edit: I was watching a Disneyland Walk Through today and saw this building. Today it is “Le Bat En Rouge“, a shop filled with Jack Skellington, Pirate and Villain merchandise. The date on the walk through is June 2013.

New Orleans Square

The third photo is of the wonderful topiary in from of It’s a Small World. They seem much more detailed today but I like these too.

PICT0001So far the photos I have been posting are from my family but I also have some from trips that Kevin’s family took. Most of these are a little later (early 1970 – 1980’s) and I will be scanning those soon.  My Grandmother lived in Arcadia, CA and we visited her almost every summer and went to Disneyland one day during those trips. I understand that my Grandfather was very excited about Disneyland opening and being able to take us. I must have gotten my love of Disney from him! I am hoping to find pictures of him at Disneyland but so far I haven’t.