An Average Weekend…..


Every evening, I write my Mom (who just turned 99 and loves her computer) an instant message. I tell her about my day and all the exciting things I do (I am kidding, it mostly is about insurance, a business that most of the family including her works at)  Today was, unfortunately, a pretty typical day for us. Seems like things don’t always work out for us but we keep plodding along and for the most part, we are very happy and content with our lives (well, the fact that we started to remodel some 12 years ago and it STILL isn’t done sometimes wears on my brain but that is a whole different blog post)  So as I was typing out our long story I occurred to me that it might make a splendid blog post and that maybe someone might get a chuckle out of it so here it is:

So, I guess this will come as no surprise to anyone but it is the end of the weekend and we didn’t get much done. There, I said it. We started to this morning but as I passed through the kitchen, I noticed the refrigerator was making a funny noise….something we have been expecting. We decided it was time to get a freezer and get rid of this fridge (remember, we have another one in the living room…welcome to our lives) We spent a good deal of time researching freezers and checking online as to what Lowe’s or Home Depot might have in stock. We finally decided on one and got dressed and headed out to the truck (note for the blog post: this is a hulking 1977 Chevy truck…Kevin seems to love it, me not so much).  I guess this will also not surprise anyone but as we approached the truck, Kevin noticed there was a strong gas odor…..he pulled it forward so we could see how much had run out (as is usual in cases of cars going bad, it happens right after you spend $50.00 filling the darn tank) and there was a huge patch of wet earth under it. As Kevin pulled forward, a pretty heavy line of leaking, expensive, gas followed him. We were of course hoping that it might just be a hose….I guess it comes as no surprise to hear that it was not just a hose but a hole in the gas tank….yeah. Kevin called Westbay Auto Parts and they could order it and it would be $560……yeah. I stopped him from getting it shipped because obviously, this isn’t a Kevin job, it is a Midas job. I can only guess how much the labor will be…….sigh……. he will call tomorrow and get them on it. Soooooo, I did clean the fish filter. And I washed some laundry, Kevin’s, since he smelled awful after laying under the truck and soaking up a little of that expensive gas. OH and we had a little fight out next to the truck on the dangers of breathing gas fumes for an extended time……yeah. So, that is our weekend. I am thinking that other people don’t live like this but since I don’t get out much, I have no proof. From what I read on facebook, other people have there own little problems and I have heard of others who are storing a refrigerator in the living room but not too many. Ah well.





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