Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring is Coming!


It looks like spring is finally coming to Washington! This is a purple plum that is growing all over my yard. I first planted them from a small shoot from my Mom’s yard.



My First KAL!


I just started my first Knit Along (KAL). I have never done this before but I like the social aspect of it and it is a pattern that is a bit of a stretch for me (lace and small cables).

The pattern is called the Bosc Scarf  and I might never have found it but for someone who read my blog about getting my spinning wheel and “liked” it. I went to read her blog  and found she was doing a KAL for this scarf.. I have always wanted to do a KAL so I thought I would just jump in and try it. I’m glad I did.

The pattern is actually very easy, with basic stitches and small cables. I have only been knitting a few years (not that a lot of people didn’t try starting with my future mother-in-law when I was still in high school…but that is another blog) so lace is a challenge. I made my sister a lace hat for Christmas last year but that is the only lace I have done and it was a very simple pattern. This year I wanted to learn cables and this will be a good start on that. However, it took me four tries before I got going. The first time I got off on the pattern count (it has 3 repeats across) so I ripped it out, cast on again. The next time I was fine on the count but the yarn overs (YO) weren’t right…..the third time I realized that I really need to add markers between the repeats and boy did that help!! It helped the repeats but it didn’t help when I was halfway across a row and found that I had moved one row down on the pattern on the third repeat…..ok, I may have ripped out this one in anger and frustration rather than just rip back a ways. And I now have post-it notes above the row I am working on.

So, 5 rows into it now, I am moving along fine. If I didn’t knit so slowly I would be doing better and I’m sure the other people in the KAL will be done with theirs before I get to the cable section but I am having fun with it. Plus, being in a group keeps you at it. I hope to post photos to Ravelry soon. It is possible I need to learn to knit continental this year too….