Christmas Knitting


I have officially started my Christmas knitting! Last Christmas, as I have done for many years before, I vowed to start my Christmas knitting in January. Yes…well…. This year has gone by so fast and suddenly I realized in August I should maybe get going on the knitting so I started making a list, looking at patterns and buying yarn (No, I didn’t NEED to buy yarn….but who can resist) Then life got busy again and just last week I KNEW I had to start so I got the project that will take the longest out and started. So far so good and I think I will get it done (can’t say what it is because the recipient reads this blog). I will post pictures after Christmas. I am also going to try to get 3 pairs of mens gloves done. Gloves don’t take too long but these will be much larger than the ones I made my Mom last year. Still, no problem…I think.

Last year I started a knitted mouse (about 8 inches tall, with scarf) to decorate the table. My husband Kevin saw it and said that it would be wonderful for the “Christmas Animal”. Back story: Many years ago one of the pattern companies came out with a Lounge Lizard pattern. It was wonderful, looked a little like a gecko (only 31 inches long) and was weighted with beans so that it could be posed. I thought they would be great for Christmas for everyone (I made 8 of them) and they were a big hit. Thus was born the “Christmas animal”. Over the years it became obvious that not everyone wanted a stuffed animal so we have switched over to more practical things like polar fleece blankets, quillows (at quilt that can be folded and stuffed into a pillow) and last year I made a fabric organizer that fit into a cup for desks. Most years I also include a small animal, which brings us to last year. After Kevin thought the mice would be great for Christmas I told him that I didn’t think I would have time to finish them all but I would try even though it was December already. And so I started to knit..and knit…and knit. I knit in the morning while Kevin was getting ready for work (this is from 2am to 3am!). I knit at night while watching tv and with my headlight, after Kevin went to sleep. And I knit and I knit. I finally got all the pieces done and was feeling pretty good about it when I realized it was was a week before Christmas and I still had to sew, stuff and make the little scarves….. Long story short (oops, too late) I did get all 7 finished but there were late nights and a few tears.

This year I am NOT going to knit the Christmas animal but I do have to say I have a darling pattern for knitted rabbits that I am going to try to make to decorate the table. I am NOT going to make one for each person. But they are awfully cute and only 6 inches tall…..and it still October, I might have time.



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