Oh to be in Epcot today!


Today is Epcot’s 30th anniversary and I so wish I was there! The first time I went was in February of 2003 during a trip with my daughter, sister and Mom. We had gone down to meet my other sister’s new daughter from China. Somehow it was decided to spend a few days in Walt Disney World before continuing on to St George Island. We actually stayed an extra day because we were having so much fun.

My daughter Jennifer and I went to Magic Kingdom the first day. Mom and Linda stayed at the hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge!) so Mom could rest. We had a great time and met back at the hotel at 7pm. It had been a wonderful day. The next day we went to Epcot and I was totally in awe. I had never thought I would EVER be able to go to Disney World and here I was. Epcot is huge, roughly twice the size of the Magic Kingdom and is divided into two different areas: Future World and World Showcase. Both are wonderful in their own way and I really don’t have a favorite. Both have so much to see that there is no way you can see it all in a day or even 2. The first attraction we rode was Spaceship Earth. I could have ridden it all day; it was wonderful!

We ended the day in the same way my husband and I would end our day for many trips to come: we watched Illuminations! That first time wasn’t the best veiw (I actually could only see the very highest fireworks) but I was hooked. The music is what I love the best, it is so moving and beautiful.

Over the years, my husband and I have been to Disney World 5 times. Not nearly enough!! We always spend the most amount of time in Epcot and always end our day in Epcot because we love it so much. We are hoping to get back down when they have finished the new Fantasyland area, maybe in 2014.

Rather than recreate the wheel as far as history goes, the following are a few websites to explain Epcot better than I could.


This is Deb Wills website, I HIGHLY recommend it for all your Disneyland or Disney World travel/information needs.



And this is the Disney website: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/epcot/

I am planning to write blogs about each park but they will take some time to do. I just wanted to write this short one about the anniversary. Happy 30th Epcot!!



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