My Nail Polish and Some Disney Stuff


I woke up to a very gray, gloomy and foggy morning. Perfect day for soup, pea soup because that’s what it looks like outside..haha. I guess fall is here finally.

Yesterday I received a package from my sister in law (they had gone to Disneyland a few weeks ago). In it was one of those super cute cones from Cars Land, the kind you get drinks in. I am beyond thrilled and will be drinking out of it as soon as I find a straw tall enough. She also sent me a really cute Oswald pin (we collect the pins in a big way). Also included in the box were gifts for the rest of the family, issue 3 of the “Buena Vista Bugle” (the newspaper they give out on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure (DCA)), a menu from Flo’s, a Walt and Mickey postage stamp, maps and brochures from their hotel and and a HUGE stack of maps from both Disneyland and DCA.

I had asked her to send me some because I am going to make a back splash with them in my bathroom, around the sink area and probably on the counter too. I am going to make a collage on a thin board, add 3-4 coats of a product called Helmsman (it is used on boats to waterproof) and then we will screw them to the wall and I will patch the screw holes after it is up. I am super excited to get started on this project! I have enough maps that I might be able to make a back slash for the kitchen too. Still thinking about that. For those who know us, it comes as no surprise that our whole house will be decorated in Disney. We have been working on getting the house finished for a long long time and I hope we get it done this winter. I am tired of living in a project. I am especially looking forward to finally getting the units built that will house the Disney figure collection. It is going to be 2 units, about 6 feet tall and 30” – 32” wide with glass shelves and lighting. We have other collectibles that will go in them but it is mainly for the Disney stuff.

One project that we did get finished is the shelves for my nail polish (see blog post below). I painted it white this weekend and Kevin put it up last night. Below is a picture of the finished project! I couldn’t get it all in so this is a section, there are 4 just like it. I was hoping for a little room for growth but most of the shelves are 2 deep…there may be a message there….







Kevin also built a shelf for the coffee pot to sit up on so we can store things underneath. We live in a very small house (950 square feet) which we love but it does make you build in storage where ever you can find it. I haven’t finished painting that one.

So, that is my week so far. It is nice to get something accomplished. This weekend I hope we will be able to go see Nemo in 3D before it leaves the theaters.



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