Going To PAX


Tomorrow I am going to PAX in Seattle. I am told that PAX stands for “Penny Arcade Expo” (Thanks Jennifer) and it is a huge gaming convention. I am going with my daughter and her husband and I am prepared to be the oldest one there and probably the only one who doesn’t “game”. Well, I have a gameboy and with the help of my daughter, I was able to finally learn to play Lego Harry Potter, Years 1-4. I learned to play it on a long train trip we took so I got pretty good but didn’t come anywhere near to finishing this game that is geared towards children. I also love Bejeweled and any game like that (also known as a match 3 game). But that doesn’t make me a gamer in any way. I am hoping no one asks what game I like to play because really, what am I going to say, “Well, I have Harry Potter and Tinker Bell on my gameboy”? They well back away and run the other way I’m sure! So why am I going? Well, I see art in everything and I would really like to get back to designing jewelry and going to conventions like this gets me around a lot of people and I can study what they are wearing, what colors they like and what interests them. Even though I am much older than most of them I tend to like the steampunk and eclectic jewelery that they like and that is what I am going to make and sell. I used to do this, a long time ago and dream about getting back into designing and selling.

From an artists view, especially one who loves ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and collage, conventions are an ephemera gold mine!!! The paper and swag that is handed out at conventions might just be advertisements to some but to me it is like paint. Paper to glue down, funny little figures or buttons to add to a collage piece. Pure gold!!

So that is what I am doing tomorrow. Today I am cleaning because I just don’t get around to it during the week. Boring but necessary.



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